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Embroidery Services

At Fully Promoted we still do embroidery the EmbroidMe way... Computerised needle and thread embroidery is one of the special techniques we recommend for branding a uniform.

Today’s embroidery machinery is computer programmed, high speed, versatile and delivers a high-quality finish that’s hard wearing. Embroidery will often outlast the life of the garment itself.

Embroidery provides a distinctive look and can be done on a large range of clothing and products including towels, bags, banners and hats and scarves.


A Prestigious and Professional Look
Polo Shirts and T-Shirts
Jackets and Fleece
Hoodies and Sweat Shirts
School and Team Uniforms
Hospitality Uniforms & Aprons
Hi Vis Workwear
Headwear - Caps, Beanies, Bucket
Bags - Travel, Sports, School, Laptop

How we embroider

Just as we did when we were EmbroidMe, Fully Promoted will work closely with you to match your logo with the right clothing and branding solution. It is important to ensure the logo and garments complement each other. We provide swatch samples of your embroidered logo, so you can touch and feel the real thing.

We reproduce your logo by first 'digitising' it, which involves formatting the design so our embroidery program recognises it and can use different coloured threads to stitch the design onto the garments.

Our custom embroidery services are performed in-house by staff who are experts in taking a brand from concept through the design process to the finished product.


  • Best choice for small orders of business shirts, work polos, jackets and headwear.
  • Logo and text need to be digitised to convert them into embroidery format files that our software can process.
  • We need a high quality file of your logo/artwork (JPG, BMP, PDF, etc) to digitise it properly.
  • Set up cost may be more expensive for small orders, and is not ideal for large designs.
  • Embroidery is not suitable for designs with fine details and many colours.

Embroidery Examples


Why Pick Embroidery?

Embroidery can be applied to most garments, from polos and caps, to corporate shirts and suits. The embroidery thread we use is a high-grade polyester that is durable and will withstand hundreds of washes. On top of that, we have a huge selection of coloured thread, so we can match most colours to the embroidery thread ensuring your branding is seamless.

How Much Does Embroidery Cost?

The cost of embroidery depends on the size and detail of the logo and the quantity of garments being embroidered. As there is a significant setup of the machinery involved, the higher the quantity of garments the lower the unit price. Send your logo to us for an embroidery quote. A one-off set-up fee applies to embroidery orders.


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