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Direct to Film Printing

Direct to film (DTF) heat transfers are a new and innovative way to brand your garments. Using a hybrid of water-based and digital inks, we are able to reproduce complex and fine logos and designs on a fine vinyl-like material, that is then transferred by heat to your garment.

With DTF/ Supacolour heat transfers, you have the ability to print very fine lines and detail without compromise at reasonable cost. These prints have stunning colours and vibrancy, tonal gradients, and the ability to render photo-realistic images. They can also be PMS matched.

DTF is durable with superb stretch and rebound, no cracking or fading, and is a much softer feel than digital printing or vinyl transfers. This makes it extremely versatile on multiple fabrics and seams. It also has the benefit of being eco-friendly – using water based inks and no PVC materials. It's considerably cheaper than direct to garment printing and faster to produce in large quantities. It's no wonder direct to film is considered the world's best heat transfer!

Supacolour Heat Transfers


Super fine text and detailed artwork.
When colour matching is critical.
Eco-friendly printing option.
Sports & Team Uniforms
Custom Sports Jerseys
Event & Promotional T-Shirts
Promotional Products, from Bags to Headwear
Larger Print Runs

How does DTF / Supacolour work?

Direct to film transfers are printed using vector artwork files in onto transfer paper using proprietary technology. We then transfer the design in-house by applying the print to the garment using a heat press. Weeding is no longer an issue (where unwanted vinyl is removed from a cut design). The result is a vibrant and ultra-high resolution print, meaning your logo or artwork is reproduced perfectly without compromise. Turnaround is fast, usually 5-7 working days from approval.


  • If you have simple colours in your design, you may be better off opting for another branding method, depending on the garment and quantity needed.
  • A minimum order quantity applies for Supacolour transfer printing. Ask your local Fully Promoted store for details.
  • Pricing is based on set up costs, quantity, and the size of your design.

Direct to film examples


Is direct to film eco-friendly?

Yes, it uses water-based inks without harsh or toxic chemicals. Transfers come on recyclable transfer paper.

How durable is DTF / Supacolour?

Based on tests, DTF transfers last for over 50 washes and still look great.


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