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Established in 2005 in Auckland, New Zealand, AS Colour has grown into a premier brand. Its foundation for quality is set around the fit, fabric, and finish. These three pillars guide AS Colour in every step of its design and manufacturing process. The combination of the perfect fit, high-quality fabric and exceptional finish is what makes AS Colour the top choice for quality in the industry.

What we like about AS Colour

We love AS Colour for their fits and fabrics. A popular choice amongst many of our clients looking for a trendy apparel brand that can be customised with their own logo.

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Do you know why Fully Promoted is Australia's trusted expert for branded uniforms?

We build brands with highly customised, quality products using only vetted and reliable suppliers.
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How we customise

From Embroidery to Print we have the right solution for your brand.

Create exactly the look you want with a variety of branding options. Our experts can help you discover which techniques will best represent your brand and your budget.

Whether it’s embroidery for your garments, screen printing for a run of apparel, or the latest in branding technology with direct to transfer printing, Fully Promoted has you covered.

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