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Feels like Home!

Feels like Home!

A lot of love and care goes into looking after our older generation, and we can’t thank the staff at Lunson enough for all their beautiful work so we made sure to put just as much love and care into our work for them.

We LOVE school spirit!

We LOVE school spirit! With only one school term left for 2019 we can only imagine the activities going on leading up to Christmas Break!

If your school has an event coming up, such as Grade 6 Graduations you may be in need of custom made T-shirts or Jackets. Get in touch with us at www.fullypromoted.com.au/stores/geelong

Christmas is Not Too Far Away!

Christmas is not too far away, so now is the perfect time to start thinking of those small office gifts and gestures to thank your most hard-working staff and lovely clients! 🎁

Stocking fillers are a great way to say Thanks! and promotional material such as stubby holders are perfect for when holding those summer Christmas parties on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

A hard-working uniform for a hard-working business!

A hard-working uniform for a hard-working business, Sipcam!

Without their solid work and devotion crops around Australia would not be able to thrive 👨🏻‍🌾👩🏼‍🌾

When it comes to the perfect uniform, we aim to understand the environment you work in, to make sure we have just the right materials to get the job done! Our collection is broad, so why not take a peek using the link below 👀

Simple yet Classy Workwear

Simple yet classy. Just like the team at Rocklea Farm!

We have been working our magic with embroidered logos for 10+ years, creating comfort and style to suit all trades and spruce up your work shirts, aprons and general work apparel.

Nothing like a fresh and bright high vis work shirt!

Nothing like a fresh and bright high vis work shirt! 👷

At Fully Promoted we ensure we only sell high quality garments that are designed to be worn again and again.

Checkout our range of durable workwear below!

Truffleduck is a leading Geelong based catering and events specialists.

Truffleduck is a leading Geelong based catering and events specialists.

We worked our magic and helped with creating some branding and promotional material to match their classy and creative catering and events services. Event clients and guests are sure to remember Truffleduck now!

Dentistry Uniform!

LOVE a polished smile? So why not finish it off with a polished Dentistry uniform!

We put together this clean look for Nigel Burnett Dental Rooms. The material is very soft and breathable so staff not only look good, they feel good working hard everyday.

Custom and Sleek Pens!

Harvent Talent Recruitment are Geelong region’s experts in bespoke talent solutions.
Their clients will always have their contact details handy with this sleek pen design!

Fresh New Polos!

The Queenscliff Bowls, Tennis and Croquet Club are ready to impress with their fresh new polos. Now that’s scoring goals!

R U OK Day Cookies!

What better cause for promotion is there than R U OK Day?

This day is very close to our hearts and we’re contributing by including these R U OK cookies in our customer orders this week. You don’t have to get the oven mitts out though - all it takes to make a difference is asking a friend, family member or colleague ‘Are you ok?’

Promotion Piggy-Banks

Why carry around a wallet full of loose coins when you could save your change in a piggy-bank towards your new home? 🐷🐷🐷

Metronest Homes have got the right idea with their cute promotion piggy-banks Customers just love them!

Fresh denim tops!

Enzo at Penny’s are rocking their fresh denim tops! This look suits their Prime Meats business to a T! It’s great to think outside the box with workwear styles. Could the denim look work for you?



The cows on Henry Livestock caps came out perfect! Have you ever thought about matching your embroidery colours to garment details like Henry Livestock have done here on their caps? Small details like this go a long way when it comes to product design! 🐄

Just like pizza toppings, appearances can make all the difference! 😂🍕

Just like pizza toppings, appearances can make all the difference! 😂🍕

People often say we eat with our eyes and when it comes to quality customer service, the perfect uniform can make a lasting impression. Looking good and feeling comfortable in such a fast paced environment makes your team (and therefore your customers!) very happy!

Bright, crisp new umpire uniforms!

Check out these bright, crisp new umpire uniforms for Hockey Geelong! 🏑

Traditional business attire doesn’t suit every type of business, which is why we went for these sporty polos for the team at Hockey Geelong. Looking to spice up your outdated uniform? We can help you design one that perfectly suits you and your style.

Sleek and professional business card holders

Sleek and professional business card holders for Coulter Roache that perfectly match the brand of this leading Geelong law firm providing a broad range of legal services with an expert team of lawyers!

BANG Fitness Adventures Uniform!

These guys deserved a uniform with a BANG ON first impression! 😂

We were stoked to be able to provide Bang Fitness Adventures with a simple, yet durable (and comfy!) hoodie design! These are sure to stand up to the fitness camp test.

Look Sharp and Safe

Looking SHARP and SAFE are both important when it comes to your high vis uniform! The team at JFP are stoked with their new hard wearing, comfortable and practical high vis shirts. 👷

Branded Coffee Mugs

Coffee is one of those things everyone drinks at some point of the day! It might be when you wake up and need a caffeine kick, half way through the day when you are feeling tired or even just all day long because coffee is a must have!

How much will your customers love reaching for your branded coffee mugs?
Check out these mugs we did for Birregurra Tree Trimmers!

Join our team!

A company’s brand is an important asset, at Fully Promoted our passion is helping businesses make the most of it. We take pride in our attention to detail, quality product, cost effectiveness, friendly service and quick turnaround time.

Located in North Geelong, we are a closely knit small team and currently looking for the right person to join our team!

We are looking for an Computerised Multi-Head Embroidery Machine Operator who can produce high-quality decorated garments using our industry-leading technology. The role will be measured by the delivery of high-quality decorated garments whilst meeting customers’ expectations via the following:

• Prepare proofs for customers
• Receive and order garments for decoration
• Preparation of garments to load on the embroidery machine
• Decoration of garments and packaging ready for the client
• Prior experience on embroidery machines (particularly Barudan) would be a major advantage, but not essential.
• Basic knowledge of graphics / design software would also be an advantage.
• Positive attitude and track record of initiative
• Work with a supportive team in a clean, professional environment
• Training will be provided for the right candidate.

Please submit your application including a cover letter by email with Embroidery Machinist in the subject line to admin.geelong@fullypromoted.com.au outlining your suitability.

Selected candidates will be interviewed immediately upon receiving the application. Last date for applications is 12th July 2019

An oldie, but a goodie!

Pencil branding has been around forever - but there’s a reason for that - it works!
See just how good old school pencils can look with your own branding applied.
Send us a message or call and request your own customised design!

North West Heating & Cooling are going to keep their workers warm

Winter is fast approaching, is your uniform ready to deal with the cold? These
beanies embroidered for North West Heating & Cooling are going to keep their
workers warm, while looking neat and professional is an added bonus!

20% OFF all of our soft shell jackets!

The cold weather has already arrived which is why you will love our April offer!

20% OFF all of our soft shell jackets! Our very popular soft shell jackets are on sale for April only! These soft shell jackets are not only stylish but they are more comfortable than your typical hard shell jacket. Meaning you get comfort and practicality so that you can stay dry, warm and comfortable during this cold time of the year!

The Future is Bright with ESIC Lighting

WINTER is just around the corner, is your uniform equipped to withstand the cold?
A work uniform needs to handle the workload just as well as you can! At Fully Promoted Geelong, we specialise in quality uniforms that provide comfort, visibility, longevity and practicality.

With an exceptional turnaround time, delivery within 2 weeks from final artwork, what else are you waiting for!

Upright Uniforms

There is nothing quite like Fresh new uniforms! The Upright Building team were after a new fresh look to their uniforms

Coffee with brightness

Have a coffee while your washing machine gets back to life with our client Laundry Equipment Services Victoria.

Add Colour to Aprons

Sometimes just a little bit of colour on the strap of an apron can help the colours of your logo stand out even more on a dark background! How well did @sage.farm aprons come up!

Coffee Mug Evolution

Is anybody else running on coffee? At least @evolutiondesignagency are doing an environmentally friendly way but with style!

Geelong Mini Ninja Warrior

Loved working with Geelong Mini Ninja Warrior on Drink bottles for their Competition! #fullypromotedgeelong #promotionalitems #uniforms #supportlocal #areyoufullypromoted #printeddrinkbottles #GeelongMiniNinjaWarriorCompetition

Child's Play Early Learning Centre

It is a Child's Play when it all come together at the annual outing for Child's Play Learning Centres in Torquay and Tarneit

Prestige- Jayco

A big CONGRATULATIONS to @jaycoprestige who are currently celebrating 30 years in business! We have loved being able to help with caps for your events! #embroidmegeelong #supportlocal #geelong #congratulations #milestone #heatpress #caps #celebrations

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