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Elevate Your Brand with Syzmik Products from Fully Promoted Surry Hills

12 June, 2024 by David Ash

Are you searching for top-quality workwear that reflects your brand's identity and stands the test of time? Look no further! We offer Syzmik products customized with your logo, delivering style, durability, and brand visibility in one package. Why choose Syzmik through...

Digital Heat Transfer on Dri-Fit singlet

17 November, 2018 by David Ash

Digital Heat Transfers are a great options on less formal garments like tee shirts, singlets and jerseys. They are a great option when there are lots of colours, very detailed artwork and smaller quantities....

2 Colour Screen Print

17 November, 2018 by David Ash

Our client wanted a 2 print on the back of t-shirts, IFG had 2 different colours for their tees and about 100 of each. Screen printing was both the cost effective and looked great....

Woven Badges

10 November, 2018 by David Ash

Woven badges are a great option for clubs and organizations where the badge might need to be shifted to other garments. they differ from normal embroidered badges as the logos are woven into the fabric of the badge. It is...

Embroidered Badges

10 November, 2018 by David Ash

Embroidered badges are a great option for clubs and organizations where the badge might need to be shifted to other garments at a later date. They can be attached by sewing, heat press or velcro....

High Stitch Count Embroidery on Left Chest of a Business Shirt

5 November, 2018 by David Ash

While only 6cm wide, this logo has a high stitch count. The stitch count does affect the price. A logo can be too wide especially if it is a tall logo....

Hi Viz Day + Night Vest with Large Embroiderred Logo

5 November, 2018 by David Ash

One of our many suppliers Hi Viz workwear vests tithe a large left chest embroidered logo. Depending on quantity and other garments being decorated with company logo, we might also consider screen printing...

Hi Viz Polo with Low Stitch Count Left Chest Embroidery

5 November, 2018 by David Ash

This is a simple example of a low stitch count logo on a hi viz polo. This offers a quick and strong decoration option

Winx Horse Blanket Embroidery

11 October, 2018 by David Ash

We recently got into the racing excitement about the world beating horse, Winx! To celebrate we created a fun commemorative horse blanket! Done on 10,500 tatami stitching....

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